FREE PATTERN!! How to Make Ruffle Hair Schrunchies!!

FREE PATTERN!! How to Make Ruffle Hair Schrunchies!!

Easy Beginner Crochet Hair Scrunchie

Created by: VinylGalDesigns


★ Bernat Blanket Yarn or Any Size 6 Yarn- (Any Color) You may also use any type of yarn that you would like, just make sure to adjust your crochet hook size to a size that the yarn requires.

★ 6.5mm Crochet Hook (Or any size needle that matches your yarn type)

★ Yarn Needle for hiding your yarn ends



★ SL ST: Slip Stitch

★ DC: Double Crochet

★ CH: Chain


Hair Scrunchie:

★ This is a super easy and quick pattern that will be made in one round.

★ Start by making a slip knot (Make sure to leave some yarn as a tail to be able to weave in once completed)

★ Place your crochet hook through your hair tie

★ Then place the slip knot on to your crochet hook

★ Now pull the hair tie over your crochet hook

★ Ch 2 stitches

★ Now DC 35 stitches, you will need to push the stitches together as you go along to get them all to fit on the hair tie (This will also be what creates your ruffle)

      ○ (This number may increase or decrease depending on what type of yarn you          are using, what needle size you are using and size of your hair tie)

      ○ You can also add additional stitches if you want it to have more ruffles than            mine does or take away stitches if you want it to have less ruffles than mine.

★ SL ST into the original CH 2 to complete the round

      ○ Picture is of SL ST completed

★ Pull the end of the yarn through the last remaining stitch to tie off.

★ Cut your end yarn, leaving a tail long enough to weave in. (I always recommend at least 6 inches)

★ Weave in both of your ends. I recommend going in a back and forth pattern (so if you weave the strand to the right first then weave it back to the left, continue until you feel it is secure) so that the ends don’t come out as the hair scrunchie gets used and stretched out.

Congratulations!! You have completed your Hair Scrunchie!!


★ If you want to make this pattern with size 4 yarn, worsted weight yarn, please see the stitch count below:

      ○ Crochet Hook Size: 5.5mm

      ○ DC 55 stitches instead of 35

      ○ The rest of the pattern remains the same

      ○ Picture below is of the final hair scrunchie with the size 4 yarn.

Thank you so much for your purchase and I hope you enjoy your hair scrunchie!!

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