I wanted to take a quick minute to introduce myself and my store VinylGalDesigns! 

My name is Samantha and I started my store VinylGalDesigns back in 2021 during the pandemic. I have always been a crafty person and have even had other Etsy stores throughout my life that were successful but prior to the pandemic I had to give those up. Once I was stay at home again during the pandemic I decided that it was the right time to once again give my craft the opportunity to be successful, so here we are. 

I started out this store as just a place to sell my custom made vinyl decals that I was making at that time, but it has grown into so much more than that! I have always dreamed of being the store where crafts become gifts, and I am hoping that I can make that happen with this store. 

I offer a wide array of products, and I am always trying to stay on top of the newest ideas and designs! 

Please feel free to shop my store to see all of the products that I have to offer and make sure to check back frequently as the inventory is always growing and changing! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post and I hope you continue to come back to check out my store!! 

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